Why am i having in menstrual pain?

Every woman is renewed and refreshed, together with the menstrual cycle. While going through these cycles, some of us can have more painless days according to others.

Menstrual pain constitute when the muscles in the uterine wall are squeezed. During the menstrual period, the uterus contracts regularly to eliminate the bleeding in the uterus and thus pain can be felt. In fact, these conditions can even lead to serious diseases such as endometriosis or fibroids. You should contact an expert gynecologist on this particular subject.

Chronic pains may also have psychological reasons At this point, perhaps we may need more information and support regarding our femininity. Research indicates that people who are at peace with their femininity spend their menstrual period more easily.

Menstrual pain may not be of the same intensity in every woman, but if the pain is too high or this situation becomes chronic, perhaps the main reason may be the person’s feelings.

When we women have emotions that we don’t want to face or feeding negative thoughts on our mind, these problems can arise during menstruation.

If you are interested in such issues, you can meet with subconscious therapists who are experts in their field, and contact people who organize workshops on spiritual topics such as breathing, yoga and meditation.

What is good for menstrual pain?

  • Heat treatment (you may use hot-water bottle)
  • Regular exercise (walking with light intensity at least 3 days a week)
  • Healthy nutrition & supplements (Omega-3 fatty acids, B-1 and B6 vitamins and magnesium)
  • Reducing stress level (by meditation & breathing exercises)
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