Moderate / I’m about to have my period

If your stomach is swollen, intestines are mobilized, your body is starting to feel cold, your pain has started and if you’re about to agonizing from pain, it indicates that you have entered the period of menstruation. From now on you can do relaxation exercises, meditation, yoga or a walk with light intensity, and resting by taking plenty of fluids. The heating patch or heating gel inside the Relax Kit, helps to reduce the pain and relax the uterine muscles.
Also the most proper time to tell the Grabovoi numbers on the sticker that comes out of the Kit.

Note that: Do not stick the heating patch inside the Relax Kit directly to your skin. You can stick it on the underwear. You can also use the warming gel bag as much as you wish after the first use, and even throw it into the freezer when you’re finished and re-use it for every part of your body when you need an ice compress.

You can also drink chasteberry tea 1 or 2 times in a day, depending on your need.

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